for example, currently its:

  "size_on_disk": 32084546902,
  "pruned": true,
  "pruneheight": 650668,
  "automatic_pruning": true,
  "prune_target_size": 67108864000,

Is there a way to decrease the pruneheight? I need the prune height to be 630000.

I increased prune=64000 from prune=32000 but from what I can tell it will just store more blocks going forward?

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Bitcoin Core doesn't have such a feature. The prune depth controls how many blocks are kept, and you can change that (-prune=N option on the command line or prune=N in bitcoin.conf), but once a block is pruned, it is gone. If you want to add blocks back, for now you'll need to resync from scratch.

There is no technical reason for this; it's perfectly feasible to implement a mode where desired old blocks are refetched and inserted into the blocks datadir again, but this simply isn't implemented at this point.

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