Intro: I am having an issue of accessing multisig wallet. due to previous situation I have mixed up private keys and wallet.dat files

Multisig is 2 out of 3 Multisig works this way: Synchronize multisig addresses between two running bitcoinds Connects to both bitcoinds, figures out which one knows all the public keys for the mulitisig address, then tells the other about the address.

I have both seeds/sigs

First seed (sig) is a wallet.dat files (got 3 of those not sure which one I have to use) Second seend (sig) are 6000 pvt keys (all mixed up)


I want to pair first and second sig/seed - to pair wallet.dat on one daemon and pvt keys on other so it could generate access to a wallet where bitcoins are.

This would also generate public keys (3 of those) which will also gain me an access to wallet.

Has anyone had experience with this sort of issue?

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