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Hello guys ...Im asking how can I withdraw from cryptoayo and there is a block chain that doesn't wanna release my current balance and it's 23,825 been trading on auto trading for six months

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    A scam. Normally withdrawal fees are deducted, not requested. Don't pay them, you won't receive your money back. – MCCCS Mar 5 at 17:38
  • Then please look up if cryptoayo.com is legit or not because my account is active but can't access the funds .... – sibulele Nconco Mar 5 at 17:41
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    They are scam, I couldn't find even one review about them. They seem to be have poorly made their website from a shopping website template you can see how unprofessional they look here: cryptoayo.com/product/fresh-organic-honey Seek help from your local authorities to get your money back. – MCCCS Mar 5 at 17:45
  • The app is cryptoayo.com and Im amazed when they say organic – sibulele Nconco Mar 5 at 17:56
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