Hi i have a found a txt file on the pc of my grandpa when i copy the old pics on USB, it was in the pics folder hidden, it is a Bitcoin address 2 adresses and every has a private key, but it match not with any i found on the Internet from the length

The txt file looks like .. i will make a "example" not the Original

Bitcoin Address 1

1.......... ( When i put it on Blockchain it shows near 1 BTC and the second 1.4 BTC both address with first Number 1, and both created 2013 )

Private Key

4fb5hhxi75abc2cbd48TZi875XY123456abcdefghBCA15iWCo8i --- the Problem is the lenght

(53 Characters, i read everywhere it has to be 51 for Base58)

Bitcoin address 2

same as above from the length 53 characters is the PK

what is this for a PK, have i to do something with it ?? I try it on Offline brainwallet converter, hex to dec, dec to Base58 or Base 58Check but i get no WIF import format !

And no i cant ask my grandpa, he died last Year, thats why i try to backup the old family pics.

If somebody can help me, would be nice thx.

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