Are confidential transactions on the Liquid network opt-in or mandatory? I know peg transactions reveal the amount and asset ID, but wondering if I can construct vanilla p2pkh outputs with no confidentiality if I want to? I know I can prove these already with binding key but my question is about transaction standardization.

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Bob:~$ getaddressinfo $ADDR

You should see a long value for the “confidential_key” property within the JSON formatted results. It will look something like this:

"confidential_key": "030788da8d9ca229cbe57e346daaf8d94cba3ed548b41922a8abefaec91ff1abb1"

The confidential_key is the public blinding key, which has been added to the address and is the reason why a confidential address is so long. You will also see that the “getaddressinfo” command shows an associated “unconfidential” address, which can be used to receive assets if you don’t want to make use of the Confidential Transaction feature for some reason.


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