So i have retrieved an old wallet.dat file. When i open it in bitcoin-core i can only see the adress as an watchadress. I went to the console and typed - listunspent and this shows up. I understand why the bits are unspendable due to the fact that it only shows as a watch-adress. But how is it possible that it says "solvable -false" since i accessed with the wallet? Am i missing something very important here?

"vout": 14,
"address": "-------------------",
"label": "",
"scriptPubKey": "----------------------",
"amount": 0.60790000,
"confirmations": 257190,
"spendable": false,
"solvable": false,
"safe": true

Solvable refers to the wallets ability to create a transaction which could spend those funds. As it is a watch only key that has been imported, there is no possible solution which it could come to in order to spend that money.

  • Ok so i need the right key in other words to access the funds then?
    – Dogo777
    Mar 25 at 14:45
  • Yes, a watch only import does not let you spend the money in any circumstance.
    – Claris
    Mar 25 at 14:45

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