Is it possible to sell a product on amazon.com (or any e-commerce fulfillment website that accepts fiat) and get paid-out in crypto at the end of the month?

I'm desperately trying to find a decent bank for my business, but they all suck. Their fees suck. Their security sucks. And they turn me down because I accept payment in bitcoin even though my business isn't related to cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is all about becoming your own bank. I'm sure I can order stock from distributors using bitcoin via these bitcoin -> visa card providers. And I'm sure I can accept bitcoin as a payment directly when selling products on my website. That's all good.

But if I want to allow my customers to pay in fiat, then the payment processor will want a bank to transfer the funds to. But I don't have (and I don't want) a bank account that stores funds in fiat.

Is there some e-commerce fulfillment company that processes purchases in fiat and can pay-out in crypto?

Or is there some FinTech company that will give me a IBAN/routing number that I can give to Amazon such that it immediately converts fiat to bitcoin when any money is transferred to it and transfers the bitcoin into my wallet?

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