I want to exchange my Canadian dollars for Bitcoins. How can this be done? If it helps I have some American cash.


These are a few options available to Canadians:

There are also a few exchanges that accept CAD deposits larger than $100:

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  • CaVirtEx isn't closed (anymore!) – abourget Oct 25 '15 at 1:52
  • Harborly is closing down. They recommend Coinbase (which isn't listed here either) and Quadriga. – abourget Oct 25 '15 at 1:53

Depending on how many you want, the fee/convenience structure changes. I'd break it up into three sizes.

Large (over $500, multi-day delivery):

https://CaVirtEx.com - Canadian Virtual Exchange (Biggest Canadian-based exchange)

https://CanadianBitcoins.com - Canadian Bitcoins (smaller Canadian exchange, not self-serve)

https://harbor.ly - Harborly (Buy bitcoins directly with your bank account)

Medium ($100 - $500, within hours):

https://LocalBitcoins.com - Local Bitcoins (classified ads for cash sales in your city)

http://Kijiji.ca - Kijiji (more cash deal listings)

http://Meetup.com - Meetup.com (Find local enthusiast meetups, lots of buy/sell)

http://mycelium.com/ - Mycelium Local Trader (Android App for finding Bitcoin sellers)

Small (Under $200, within minutes):

https://QuickBT.com - QuickBT (Instant, using Interac Debit, higher fee)

Now Closed:

https://www.LibertyBit.com/news - LibertyBit

https://MtGox.com - Mt Gox

https://btcQuick.com - btcQuick

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Check out harborly. They let you buy bitcoin and litecoin directly with your Canadian bank account.

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Instant exchange service I'm using myself and recommending to everyone else cause they don't store the coins and fiat, had recently expanded to Canada.

Check this out I believe this is exactly what you need: http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/247exchangecom-covers-canada-with-instant-ways-of-buying-bitcoin-570478861.html

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