I know Litecoin is sold on Coinbase, but I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list or knows of other exchanges selling the currency?

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  • If you are in Australia you can buy Litecoin on my exchange CoinSpot :D www.coinspot.com.au – rabs May 6 '14 at 23:08

The most current list of Litecoin exchanges, originally from the Litecoin wiki, updated in December 2017 to remove nonfunctional exchanges:

Market exchanges

Fixed rate exchanges


There is a list of exchanges (and other businesses and tools) in the Litecoin wiki: https://litecoin.info/Service_Directory#Market_exchanges


Here is the list of exchanges currently selling Litecoin


There is a Norway exchange where you can buy and sell, it is called Justcoin


There is also quite new, but interesting exchange https://www.247exchange.com/ allowing to buy litecoins with credit and debit cards, bank transfers and cash deposits (400k locations worldwide). That I liked most, that they do not hold user's funds and there is no need to trade there - they will fund your litecoin account right after you will make a payment. Although I was upset that they limit first credit card purchases with about $100, the rates are better than at most other exchanges and instant delivery works great!


For the most updated list, take a look here:


You can find those exchanges using fiat currency too. For example:




etc. ;)

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