I tried the following commands, but none of them worked.

-getblocktemplate "segwit"
-Error: Error parsing JSON: segwit

-getblocktemplate ("segwit")
-Error: Error parsing JSON: segwit

-getblocktemplate "rules": ["segwit"]
-Error: Error parsing JSON: rules:

-getblocktemplate {"rules": ["segwit"]}
-Error: Error parsing JSON: {rules:

-getblocktemplate must be called with the segwit rule set (call with {"rules": ["segwit"]}) (code -8)

-getblocktemplate {"rules": ["segwit"]}
-Error: Error parsing JSON: {rules:

How can I use this command correctly?

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The GUI's debug console operates similarly to a shell. It needs quotes around the entire JSON string so that it is first interpreted as a string before the JSON is parsed. Then, if you used double quotes, you need to escape the quotes that are part of the JSON so that they aren't misinterpreted.

A valid way of writing this command is

getblocktemplate "{\"rules\":[\"segwit\"]}"

Alternatively, to avoid additional escaping, you can use single quotes on the outside:

getblocktemplate '{"rules":["segwit"]}'

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