My intention is to setup a site with 1 or 2 products, which user can select the product that they wish to use and pay with arbitrary amount.

My BTCPayServer Setup


  1. Allow anyone to create invoice
  2. Network fee: on every payment
  3. 2 confirmation


  1. Type: Point Of Sales
  2. User can input custom Amount

Am I doing it correctly?

And what are the API and flows that I need to invoke from my own website to achieve the following:

  1. User select the item and amount from my own website (not BTCPay)
  2. User select pay, and my website will display a QR Code
  3. User scan and pay.
  4. My website check for the payment status

Seems like I only need to create an invoice and then monitor the status of the invoice. Is that correct? But why do I need to setup Apps and my Products in BTC Server? Is that necessary?

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