Currently I am starting a private node using:

bitcoind -regtest -port=11111 -datadir=.\data -rpcport=11112

I can't find the -regtest option in qt.

  • Pass it when you run qt
    – MCCCS
    Mar 31 at 12:55
  • Sorry I don't understand what you mean by Pass it. QT doesn't like -regtest if I pass it in.
    – s k
    Mar 31 at 12:57
bitcoin-qt -regtest -port=11111 -datadir=.\data -rpcport=11112
  • When I ran this command, it says that I am ''10 years 8 weeks behind". Is that means qt ignored -regtest and I am at the main net?
    – s k
    Mar 31 at 13:16
  • 1
    Regtest is a private test network that you create and control. All it has is a genesis block that was created 10 years ago, so what you see is that Bitcoin Core (both bitcoind and bitcoin-qt) only knows about that genesis block and thus believes it to be out of sync. This can be resolved by simply mining a block.
    – Andrew Chow
    Apr 1 at 4:16

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