I just tried to contact the top universities in the USA and other countries. i also contacted the charity organizations such as Red cross and united way, etc. but no response at all. seems they don't care the donation of crypto currency like Dogecoin as the price is too low?

The fact is that most of us are ordinary people who can't donate millions like those billionaires. but we do can donate 10k dogecoin or 1 million dogecoin instead. we also wanna show our support to the chariting causes to make the world better. if i donate 100 usd, need pay 25 usd or more to pay wire transfer fee. card has lower fee but i don't want to show my card info. so finally i would choose to quit donation. that ruins my passion toward charity cause. that's really bad. while with doge, only need pay 1 doge as fee.

Yes, they may want BTC as 1 BTC equals to near 60k usd. the question is how many people can donate 1 btc? this is really unreasonable. many people waiting for support while they are rejecting the support from general people like us. they are too lazy to converting doge into dollars. they only waiting for the millions dollars donation from rich guys. I predicate the first University that accept Dogecoin donation will gain a Huge amount donation.but which university or charity organization will be the first? Let's see. :)

Pursue your university to accept Dogecoin. i would be pleased to donate $500 valued dogecoin to the first one that accept dogecoin donation. will you donate doge if they accept?

“No accumulation of steps,can't lead to thousand miles. No integration of streams,can't result in sea”

  • i was trying to make a pool but did not find the option. :(
    – btc2doge
    Apr 4 '21 at 4:01
  • Welcome but please note: 1) Dogecoin is off-topic. 2) you can spend fractions of a Bitcoin. 3) It shouldn't be a surprise that Institutions may decline small donations in foreign currencies and in obscure cryptocurrencies. Processing such donations might cost more than the value of the donation. 4) you don't seem to have a real question here? Apr 4 '21 at 10:13
  • @RedGrittyBrick thanks for your comment. i just wonder the real reason. the processing fee not high for cryptocurrency. maybe the donation with crypto cant get Tax reduction. i guess this is a reason. but for cases of us. we don't need those tax reduction. so wire transfer or card donation method not the best method.
    – btc2doge
    Apr 4 '21 at 10:54
  • cryptopotato.com/… Apr 4 '21 at 11:17
  • thanks for your info. then its a long way for them to accept crypto donations
    – btc2doge
    Apr 5 '21 at 11:18

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