Bitcoin on-chain transactions are not best option for payments because of fees and there are no confidential transactions on-chain so most of the darknet markets only use Bitcoin for multisig and some don't use Bitcoin anymore. If privacy and payments will never be possible on-chain, are there any efforts or projects related to darknet markets that use LN?

This thread on dread http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/post/a069e66ecbc428fafe0b/ is about BTC, LTC and XMR

There is a hackathon and bounty for developing XMR multisig solution http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/post/a6af0c08fb92560e44de

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