Hello I want to know what will happen if i put my transaction as Final can saves fee or no?

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Selecting final will disable RBF for the transaction and you will not be increase the fee anymore.

Example: I did a transaction 7d1a7ecd1a68443c07f89f38180d3f3dc945edb2784ebfb7f7c113842d7d8509 with fee rate 1 sat/vByte, increased the fee rate to 3 sat/vBbyte and replace the transaction with d47e59db69c91f3e653da9c5ed0e0f9fc8fdc4422a4e8650d4d6b66c1db60f18 and increased the fee rate again to 5 sat/vByte but selected final this time so RBF was disabled for this transaction 2a7241f60d301ccda31a7be875d58610637534fe477e8c76d0e67bc31ef5824f

Cannot increase the fee rate anymore using RBF because it was disabled. Either I can wait for it to get confirmed or use CPFP.


  • what is the utility of this option? i did a transaction months ago with 7 sat/vByte and took 1.5 months for confirm. if i can't not increase my fee i see very serious problems. Apr 8, 2021 at 1:16
  • You can still increase fee by CPFP for many transactions which is a workaround. Option to disable RBF for a transaction is good although I am not sure about usecase. It is unchecked by default.
    – user103136
    Apr 8, 2021 at 6:46

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