I recently wrote my own mining software in java as a fun side project to learn more about how mining works. After optimizing as much as possible I'm only able to achieve around 2.2 MH/s on an 8 core intel i7 cpu. I thought this was pretty good but after seeing the results on this page I was pretty discouraged.

Now I know cpu mining is no longer practical in 2021 but I have an extra laptop and was wondering if I wanted to solo mine on a linux based i7 laptop is there any mining software that is still supported that people would recommend trying?

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    You cannot mine BTC on a CPU, not since 2011 or so. The probability that you make anything is absolutely negligible. Even if you do, and your electricity is free, it won't remotely be enough to even pay for the additional wear and tear on your hardware. – Pieter Wuille Apr 6 at 20:02
  • I know the probability is extremely low but it's not zero. And if you did happen to mine a block the reward would easily cover the cost of the electricity, hardware plus a few other things. I'm talking about solo mining not pool mining. – CryptoJoe Apr 6 at 20:59
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    Yes, it is extremely low, and not zero - but it's so low that it's not worth spending time on. If you mine at 2.2 MH/s today, you have a probability of around 1 in 1400000000 to find 1 block per year (assuming constant difficulty). – Pieter Wuille Apr 6 at 21:03
  • Buy a lottery ticket every day. It's cheaper and has a better chance of making you rich. But don't do this either - for every winner there are tens of thousands of losers. – RedGrittyBrick Apr 7 at 9:56

is there any mining software that is still supported ...

Possibly, but if you take the tour for bitcoin.stackexchange.com you will see

Don't ask about...

  • Site, tool, library, or software recommendations

... that people would recommend trying?


Because its a pointless waste of time to try to mine bitcoin using CPUs.

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