Does the miner machine get any other type of reward except confirmation of transaction in bitcoin?(The answer precedes ​another question)


As a result of mining, miners receive income from two sources

  • The mining reward per block, which halves approximately every 4 years.
  • The transaction fees for the transactions the miner includes in the block.

Nothing else.

The miner includes as the first transaction in the block (the "coinbase" transaction) a transaction with no inputs and with outputs to one or more addresses of their choice with a total amount which is less than or equal to the sum of other included transactions fees and the current mining reward .

  • this is acceptable miners get a reward for proof of work(confirmation transactions the second reward you were mention) but what exactly do miners when say they have a process for creating a block(and get a reward for them)? (In other words what exactly this process? Is it possible to remove it?) Apr 18 at 9:52

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