Most wallets these days generate a set number of addresses when you create the wallet. For example, Electrum creates 30. But what if you need more? I know from talking to a LOT of people that there is safety in having each transaction to your wallet via a different address. So 30 addresses isn't going to last very long. I've seen people talk about generating new keys from which to generate new addresses. However, that is as far as my understanding goes. So, let me ask it this way.

I currently use Electrum as my BTC wallet. I've got a new wallet just generated in that program with all 30 addresses. That's how I am used to doing things. I've also recently installed bitcoind on my server where I expect/hope to be receiving BTC to. I got bitcoind so that I coulduse it to verify when transations have been verified. But I do not understand how to link bitcoind and the wallet I created in Electrum. Nor do I understand how to add additional keys/addresses to that wallet.

I've seen people talk about BTCPay server. But that seems to be more a storefront. I don't need all that. I just need a way to display a randomly created address to each visitor, and to be able to query my Electrum wallet (or use bitcoind) to find out how much is in the wallet at the present moment, preferably in both confirmed and unconfirmed funds (i.e. 0.162567 BTC confirmed, 0.0125 unconfirmed).

Any easy way to do that is appreciated. I'm writing this site in PHP, so I can either execute an external program (like bitcoind or Electrum's CLI interface) or I could make API calls in PHP directly if there's a good set of PHP libraries around.

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