I have a spreadsheet containing the transaction ID, datetime, and BTC amount of 800,000+ transactions associated with a BTC address (includes both sent and received transactions). Now I am trying to add another column listing the fee paid for each of those transactions. What is the (1) fastest (2) easiest (3) most efficient way to do that? Please explain in detail if technical know-how is required, because I am a novice in coding.

  • You can calculate it using vin and vout from getrawtransaction if using Bitcoin Core but it won't be easy to using API for an open source block explorer like mempool.space will be a better approach – Prayank Apr 23 at 17:25
  • @Prayank not entirely. vin only contains the prevouts so you'd have to call getrawtransaction again. Also, it won't work without txindex. – darosior Apr 23 at 18:36
  • @darosior Correct. I wanted to write in short so ignored those details and suggested using mempool.space API instead – Prayank Apr 23 at 23:43

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