So, a few weeks ago I sent a BTC transaction out of my atomic wallet with stupidly low fee. Realised my mistake and have been been waiting on it dropping out since. Finally showed back in my wallet so I resent it with a the default fee, quickly as I just wanted it out, but to a different wallet. However, its stuck. Looking at my address sometimes it shows the original transaction unconfirmed refresh a couple of times then it shows the new transaction unconfirmed and repeat. The new wallet I was sending to has recorded a receiving transaction but when you click explore it can't find it. Is this another case of waiting as it looks like the default fee for the new transaction was still rather low, or am I stuck with it flip flopping and continually being rebroadcast?

Sending Wallet address: 1FjDzvp7b5SJYMYAuj38S6jLQ3LMXLHk92

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