I know Eligius doesn't have a lengthly setup process, you just use your payout address as the username.

Which other pools are this easy to start with?


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You can try http://p2pool.info/

And P2Pool.info does not keep fees, they redistribute it ;)

In general you don't have to subscribe to P2P Pool (just search for "p2p bitcoin pool").


Ok, I'm going to iterate over this list. Although I think it is not very clear what "account creation" would imply, I list the ones that just want your Bitcoin address.

Ones I found that do not require account creation:

And ones that do:


50BTC, but I'm pretty sure they take some fees, while Eligius is takes transaction fees instead.

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    Eligius does keep transaction fees. I think it would be deceptive to describe it as "100% free". Commented May 4, 2013 at 20:45

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