Me and my friend decided to try to mine cryptocurrencies using somewhat old (few years old) unused but somewhat decent gaming PC. We decided to create or join a mining pool to double our processing power.

Since, the coin reward in mining pool is gonna be divided by members of a pool.

I wonder, if there is a possibility for two or more nodes in mining pool to mine a block using the same nonce?

I am guessing that this is not an efficient strategy to pool mine. It would create a sub-optimal strategy to pool mine, because if two or more nodes that are supposed to work together, are gonna waste power to calculate a block using a used (calculated) nonce- that is already used (calculated) by your friend in the pool.

This would even decrease the doubling (multiplication) of computing power.

In fact, there would not be any different that non-pooled miners (all competing to calculate the valid hash). Except that pooled-miners need to split the rewarded coins, while the non-pooled miners would keep all their rewarded coins. Am I correct? Or do they (competing miners) even coordinate and mark used (calculated) nonce across the network?

I am sorry, if I haven't completely understood the details yet.

In pool mining softwares, do they prevent this (calculate using same calculated-nonce) from occurring in general, like do they (the mining software) coordinate the nodes to mine using different nonces? Is there a protocol (rules) to prevent this from happening in bitcoin or any other cryptos in general? Or will it be just implementation dependent? If so, how to find mining software that could coordinate pool mining in an efficient way?

I am still quite new in cryptocurrencies in general, I am sorry if there are any mistakes in my understanding, I am greatly thankful if you could correct them.

  • anyway, i found this: investopedia.com/tech/how-do-mining-pools-work so it seems that the answer to the question is no.. but i'm not sure too, since i am not expert.
    – tek27
    Apr 26 '21 at 4:10
  • Are these miners both trying to mine the same block or different blocks? In the latter case there's no duplication of effort in both using the same nonce.
    – WillO
    May 28 '21 at 1:52
  • I am uncertain if it's still relevant, but mining pools create different block templates for each miner, they may change coinbase content by adding entropy to its sigScript, or even change the order of transactions inside it. Mining with the same nonce is not a problem, actually, this always happens since the nonce space is small. But you're still mining a different block. Jan 20 at 20:17

As I understand this. The nonce is the response to the mining hardware. Nodes process transactions AND this is not mining. The mining produces the nonce the core adds transactions and distributes them (according to block level).

This is an artifact of early bitcoin development from pre-2010 release of "theory technology". You would have a hard time finding any information on this now a days. Good luck @ the onion.

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