I am trying to brute force using Burp Suite to create wallets in Bitcoin Core with random strings(size:5) containing special characters. Context: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21510

According to the payload settings I defined, there will be 115,856,201 requests.


Everything is working fine but the speed is very slow. Only 200 requests in few minutes. Can I increase this by changing something in Bitcoin Core? Is it because creating wallet takes time and things would have been different with other RPCs? Or is it related to Burp Suite settings and configuration of system everything is running on?


Below is the request that I am sending and only wallet name changes in each request:


Request engine setttings:


I started getting these weird errors after few minutes:

2021-04-29T00:07:19Z Cannot obtain a lock on wallet directory E:\testnet3\wallets\](0aa. Another instance of bitcoin may be using it.

2021-04-29T00:07:24Z Unable to open file E:\testnet3\blocks\blk00197.dat
2021-04-29T00:07:24Z ERROR: Flush: failed to open file 197
2021-04-29T00:07:24Z *** Flushing block file to disk failed. This is likely the result of an I/O error.

So I changed the number of threads from 10 to 1, relaunched Bitcoin Core and resumed everything.

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