I have just completed the IBD of my bitcoin full node on Bitcoin Core on Linux. When I open Bitcoin Core, i just get the basic wallet interface. It there anyway of seeing what the node is doing behind the scenes through some sort of console and interface where I can search through the blockchain too?

If not, Is it possible on Ethereum clients?

Thank you

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    You mean something like tail -f ~/.bitcoin/debug.log (in a terminal)? May 3, 2021 at 0:55

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You are running the Qt version of Bitcoin, which includes the GUI. If you have bitcoind, you can quit the Bitcoin application and type bitcoind into your terminal.

Otherwise, type tail -f ~/.bitcoin/debug.log in your terminal to see then end of the debug file, which will show you when new blocks arrive.

Alternatively, you can install bitcoind from Bitcoin.org. This is a different package than Bitcoin-Qt. Bitcoind only runs "in terminal" so there is no GUI.

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