Here is 1 entry from a share processed in a feathercoin mine pool:


The cgminer readme describes the format as thus: timestamp,disposition,target,pool,dev,thr,sharehash,sharedata

Now as I understand it, there is a difficulty reported on the cgminer screen of 8.02M. A share that solves for higher than that qualifies as successful mine.

  • Question 1: How is that 8.02M number arrived at (current network difficulty 122.35060749)?
  • Q2: using the above data, how can I see what I did solve for?
  • You're making an assumption that your interpretation of 8.02M is even correct...? I can't make sense of share.log - have you looked at the source code? That might help you understand how the log is created. – Sun Dec 10 '17 at 8:01

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