I had a Lightning channel open transaction pending for 24 hours due to a low fee.

So I issued a bumpfee for the output index like so:

lncli wallet bumpfee --sat_per_byte <new_fee> <txid>:<output index>

This completed with a return value of 0.

However a new transaction was never created.

Instead there is an output in the command:

lncli wallet pendingsweeps

where I see the <new_fee> specified and the "outpoint" being the txid:output_index value

So what do I need to do to complete this CPFP operation?


My bitcoind didn't have the parent txn so the bumpfee never completed.

I restarted my bitcoind, lnd, rebroadcasted a raw txn that I got from another node's mempool and issued a bumpfee again.

A new txn was confirmed shortly after

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