I know we have blockchain.info for bitcoin

I am trying to track a missing FTC transaction going to btc-e (seems a very common thing money going missing with these jokers)

Are there any similar tools for both Litecoin and Feathercoin FTC so I can hold these guiys to account or confirm that my funds where sent etc ?

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Litecoin Block Explorer: http://explorer.litecoin.net/

Feathercoin Block Explorer: http://ftc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/

You can find all the "lesser" Altcoins on http://cryptocoinexplorer.com


You can find another blocker.io litecoin block explorer for alt currency.

Bockr.io Litecoin block explorer


There is a pythonproject called moneywagon that tries to be a universal bockchain client library. Take a look through this file, and you can see about 20 different blockchain API's


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