What command generates BTC legacy address in electrum?

here is a sample command:



Command to create new address is same as you mentioned in the question:


You can only create P2PKH (legacy) addresses in a wallet with 'standard' seed:

Command to create a standard seed:


'standard' can be replaced by 'segwit' for a wallet with bech32 addresses

Create new wallet with the seed returned from above command:

File -> New -> Standard Wallet -> I already have a seed

  • File -> New -> Standard Wallet -> I already have a seed is not working default is bech32 address cannot change to legacy or script address.
    – Dam Yi
    May 30 at 22:23
  • If you enter a "standard" seed you will see standard in seed type else if you enter "segwit" seed you will see segwit in seed type
    – Prayank
    May 30 at 22:38
  • Thanks it is works.
    – Dam Yi
    May 30 at 23:27

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