The below is the response we get. could someone please explain what each element is.

type RawTransaction struct { Blockhash string BlockTS uint32 json:"blocktime" Confirmations int Hex string Locktime int TXTS uint32 json:"time" TXID string Version int Vin []struct { ScriptSig struct { Asm string Hex string } Seqeuence int64 TXID string Vout int } Vout []struct { N int ScriptPubKey struct { Addresses []string Asm string Hex string ReqSigs int Type string } Value Amount } }

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    Maybe you should add a little bit more layout to your question. May 7, 2013 at 21:44

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the transaction has inputs and outputs. the inputs describe the previous bitcoins being spent in this transaction and the outputs describe the address(es) to send these bitcoins to. you can view transactions for any block using blockexplorer.com. for example, here is the simplified data for block 728, and here is the data for this same block converted from the blockchain into json format.

for a good explanation of what each of these elements inside the transaction means, i recommend this article.

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