I have a list of transactions in this form 6c665f1d784d2032a13fa0986f08a3306bb1a4430049787cb1b692ed0d5d9bde,302,1136,cbf57b4e77708a6d920a63e9584cb482b03c42374b6a49e6057170a9354a89c5 txid, fee, weight, possible parents

Some of them have no parents i.e orphan transcations

Some of them have 2,3 possible parents

So how would someone go about making a block out of them to maximize miner fee.

  • Hi sonu ishaq, is it possible that you are asking for help with a homework problem or application task? I'm afraid the point of either of those would be for you to solve it. – Murch Jun 19 at 22:33
  • yep it was for an assignment I just needed some idea but no worries now I solved it and submitted the very same day :) – sonu ishaq Jun 21 at 7:22

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