I'd like to create transactions within my python application, that support replace-by-fee RBF (BIP125).

Apparently, if I want to be able to replace my transaction later on, I need to signal that already in the first transaction. I saw that I'd have to do something with the sequence field for that, but I didn't quite understand it.

Is there any library that would help me with that, or do I need to craft this transaction manually, and if yes, how?

Sorry for being so vague, but this RBF-stuff is giving me a hard time.

Reading the answer to the question What restrictions are there to the application of opt-in RBF?, is only confusing me more. Why would setting the sequence number to MAX-1 mean 2 things at the same time (transaction uses locktime and transaction is replaceable)?
What if I don't want to use locktime but only make my transaction replaceable?



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