I am trying to use the getroute command, specified as such:

getroute id msatoshi riskfactor [cltv] [fromid] [fuzzpercent] [exclude] [maxhops]
  1. Do I need to include all the elements above, or can I ignore the optional elements (which I understand to be the ones in square brackets) and rely on their default values?
  2. If I can ignore the optional elements, how do I do that?
  3. How can i specify the exclude parameter? I had an error trying with:
    getroute 024...a67 1000000sat 10 exclude="687193x890x0/0, 687193x890x0/1"

(I am using Spark wallet's RPC console, FYI.)


Not sure about how Spark Wallet handles this. Using C-lightning RPC interface you can avoid specifying optional parameters, just by not specifying them.

For your usage question, please refer to the manual. It specifies that exclude must be a JSON array and even gives you an example:

  • Thanks. When I enter the above, including the square brackets, I get the following error: exclude: should be an array: invalid token '"[“687193x890x0/0”,“687193x890x0/1”]"'
    – runam0k
    Jun 23 '21 at 10:23
  • This is a quote escape issue. Use single quotes around the array. Jun 23 '21 at 10:36
  • Thanks. I included single quotes around the array - '["687193x890x0/0","687193x890x0/1"]' - and now get the error: exclude: should be an array: invalid token '"[\"687193x890x0/0\",\"687193x890x0/1\"]"'
    – runam0k
    Jun 23 '21 at 10:52

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