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Isn't on-chain data not the full universe of transactions?

for eg. Example 1: we have 10 users each holding one distinct BTC address. They all use Binance CEX (Centralized exchange) to buy/sell BTC. once they deposit their BTC into Binance CEX and start buying /selling BTC, the trail does dark as these Transactions are not on-chain meaning we don't see their UTXO created prices and realised prices.

Example 2: Similar to Example 1 , but instead of depositing BTC, they deposit Fiat (USD) in Binance CEX to buy BTC. any buy/sell txns are on CEX so on chain data does not actually capture each user's realised Profit and Loss

How do we then account for these user's (as per example) Unrealized Profit and Loss if we don't see their on-chain behavior since all the trading they do is on a CEX ??

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