I've downloaded the whole blockchain now I want to run a pruned node on another device. But if I klick on prune block storage in bitcoin core, it tells me that reverting this setting requres re-downloadin the entire blockchain. Is it possible to prune a copy of the blockchain I've already downloaded and if so how do I do that?


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    Pruning doesn't require downloading again. It's if you'd want to go back to unpruned state that it needs to download things again (obviously, because the data isn't there anymore). – Pieter Wuille Jun 29 at 18:38
  • Ok but then how do I do that? As mentioned I can't figure out how to do it in the bitcoin core GUI. Is there a command for bitcoind that I need to use? – taway Jun 30 at 3:40
  • That sounds like you're already pruned, and you're trying to revert to unpruned state. Going from unpruned to pruned should just work. – Pieter Wuille Jun 30 at 3:42
  • No it wasn't. Turns out the warning I got in the GUI was misleading. Upon restart it didn't re-download but just pruned the blockchain I had already stored. Thx for your time! – taway Jun 30 at 4:52

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