Let's say that i received an amount of BTC to my Binance wallet like one week ago.

How can i know the value of it By USDT at time of arrival.

Usually, i was check that from blockchain.com directly where i hover by mouse and see the equivalent value by USDT at time of receive.

  • You seem to have answered your own question: You find the value in USDT at time of arrival by hovering your mouse in blockchain.com. Did you want to know how to use Binance's service to achieve this (which would be something you, as a customer, could ask them)? Or did you want to know something else? Jul 23 at 10:16
  • Seems that you aren’t aware that blockchain disable the functionality of displaying the value at time of receive ! Jul 23 at 10:40
  • I wasn't aware, the question would be better with that information edited into it. Jul 23 at 10:58

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