I live in Sweden. The demented, people-hating government is demanding 30 % of all profits whenever I touch my Bitcoin in any way, meaning in practice ~30 % of the sum, period.

This means that, not only does the price have to go back to ATH, and further to 100k USD, but it has to also go another 30% from there, so 130k USD, for me to actually get a Bitcoin price of 100k USD.

With fiat money being worth next to nothing, and the smallest apartment costing millions of SEK, and houses many millions, even 100k USD of pure profit is next to nothing today. As insane as that sounds.

I'm not going to let them (easily) put me in a cage. I'm not going to move countries. I'm not rich and able to set up elaborate, complex, international company networks to weasel my way of out these stupid taxes.

Who is to say that they won't increase the Bitcoin tax to 60% tomorrow? Or 99%? Or 100%? This seems like a massive issue; they make the laws and can put us in cages, and we have to obey these laws which we have never agreed to.

Is there anything that I actually can do? It's going to be extremely hard to ever justify selling/using any Bitcoin with such insane taxes. Those 30% feel just like 50% to me. It's a massive piece that just gets cut off.

  • Hi Sybil, while the question is slightly different than the previous, the answer is the same: you'd probably be helped best by talking to a tax advisor.
    – Murch
    Jul 26 '21 at 18:33

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