What I mean is, 2 laptops:

-laptop 1: Connected to the internet, synced, has watch-only wallets of all private keys to be found in laptop 2's wallet -laptop 2: Never connected to the internet. You just install the latest version of the distro of choice, install Bitcoin Core, create your wallet there.

Now with PSBT I think it's easier to send the raw unsigned transaction from one computer to another (back then I think this was done by hand). The thing is, I don't want to screw up, so im going to test this in testnet mode first. Nonetheless, I would like a step by step tutorial to see each step done well by someone that is experienced in this setup. Im asking because I just only find people using HW wallets which I don't like, when I search for PSBT, but no 2 Bitcoin Core laptops scheme. Ideally you want to use an SD card better than an USB to move the PSBT file from one laptop to another so that is how I plan to do it. Or even better generate a QR code, but I don't have a reader right now so I will go with an SD card reader.

Anyway, please let me know because I cannot find any video or blog post on this.

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