Node 1 (connects to only ipv6 nodes):

bitcoind -signet=1 -port=18333 -rpcport=18222 -rpcuser=user1 -rpcpassword=pass1 -datadir=/home/prayank/node1 -debug=net -onlynet=ipv6

Get address for few nodes from getpeerinfo:

    "addr": "[2a01:7c8:d005:390::5]:38333",

    "addr": "[2401:2500:102:3007:153:126:143:201]:38333",

    "addr": "[2a02:a44c:f747:1:b62e:99ff:fe49:d492]:38333",

    "addr": "[2a01:4f8:221:1142:d00d::3]:38333",

Trying to add these addresses in peers.dat for Node 2:

bitcoin-cli -rpcport=18666 -rpcuser=user2 -rpcpassword=pass2 addpeeraddress "2a02:a44c:f747:1:b62e:99ff:fe49:d492" 38333
  "success": false

Why does this return false?


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