Is there away to find digital wallets online from 2009-2011. With the wallet ID - 12 words - 64 private n public - bit address - hash - signature. - my friend who died left me to remember before he died?

Also how do I find old e-mail addresses I had in 2009-2011 because he also sent me all the info and scan to the email?

  • What wallets were available in 2009-2011
    – Van_Fuji
    Sep 6, 2021 at 3:31

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Is there away to find digital wallets online from 2009-2011.

In general no.

You have to have some idea of the particular wallet software that was downloaded onto a PC or phone and access to the device or to backups of the device or backups of it's recovery-phrase or private-keys. Alternatively you need to know a company name and account details for an online account if a custodial account was used instead of a self-managed wallet.

See I have lost my wallet, what can I do?

With the wallet ID - 12 words

I think only Blockchain.com use the term "Wallet-ID".

See how to recover funds from blockchain

  • Thank you, what were the digital wallets between 2009-2011. I have every character for everything. Privat, public, bit address, wallet Id, 12 word phrase . Know how to find old email accounts? I Need to get into old email account he sent me.
    – Van_Fuji
    Sep 5, 2021 at 21:18

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