I have two lightning nodes, Bob and Charlie (using bitcoind backend with LND).

They both have an open and funded channel with this testnet faucet:


Both nodes have a 50000 sat local balance, and a 49056 sat remote balance.

Bob created an invoice for 100 sats, but Charlie cannot find a route to Bob to pay that invoice.

Here's the payment_request for the invoice (note this on testnet):


Why can't Charlie pay Bob? I figured they would use the channel to the testnet faucet as a middle hop.

Bob has already connected to Charlie. Charlie appears in Bob's list of peers, and likewise Bob appears in Charlie's list of peers.

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    How many blocks have been found since the channels were established? I am asking because the funding TX usually needs to be buried deep enough until gossip announces the channel Sep 9, 2021 at 7:27


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