I had an Electrum wallet on my laptop that broke, contrary to the usual "forgot my password" questions, I do have my password but I don't have the seed and the laptop is on repair and the data is not guaranteed to be intact, is there a way to access my wallet without the seed, but with the password and address?

  • If after the laptop repair your data are not intact and the seed is lost , there are a lot of hard disk data recovery services which might be able to recover your seed. This is possible because deleted data on hard disk are not actually deleted , they remain on hard disk until overwritten by new data . Oct 2 '21 at 10:07

You need either

  • the seed

  • the wallet file and password

Nothing else will do, unfortunately.

  • What's the seed? Is "getwalletinfo.hdseedid" the seed?
    – Mercedes
    Sep 30 '21 at 18:05

if the data in your laptop is not overwritten you can ask hard drive recovering technician recover the wallet file from your laptop and then get it brute-forced to find the password

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