Very noob at this. I'm seeing that a transaction in Bitcoin has a field called 'status':

Example from blockchain:

enter image description here

I was wondering, what are all the possible values that this field can get (or where to search for them)?

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I don't know. As an approximation, we can look at what's written in Bitcoin Core:

/** New transactions start as UNCONFIRMED. At BlockConnected,
 * they will transition to CONFIRMED. In case of reorg, at BlockDisconnected,
 * they roll back to UNCONFIRMED. If we detect a conflicting transaction at
 * block connection, we update conflicted tx and its dependencies as CONFLICTED.
 * If tx isn't confirmed and outside of mempool, the user may switch it to ABANDONED
 * by using the abandontransaction call. This last status may be override by a CONFLICTED
 * or CONFIRMED transition.
enum Status {

Source: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/571bb94dfb5047c9be8fcbae5dae71de7256b86c/src/wallet/transaction.h#L148-L153

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    I'm very unsure that these are the exact same possibilities that blockchain.info uses. Commented Sep 30, 2021 at 19:54

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