if I designed my own ASIC machine, what is the easiest way to connect it with the mining pool? I was searching but couldn't find any pool that has an API to communicate.


Mining pools use protocols such as Stratum to communicate.

However, I'd find it unusual to implement this in firmware or in an ASIC. I'd expect the ASICs to be dedicated to hashing and have pool communication handled by a supervisory computer. But I've not designed ASICs or mining systems so maybe my intuition here is weak.

  • yes that what i am meant, i will build asci machine and then use a computer to handles these asic machines. I have looked for stratum, explored their website too, but couldnt find any documentation of api, or some paltform where I can find some help. Neither do i find any documentation on pool websites like which protocol are they using etc. where can i find such documents, regards
    – Haris Ali
    Oct 1 '21 at 9:40

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