I want to derive the children of a HD Multisig address using each of the xpubs following BitGo specs,

currently, I have 3 xpubs and can get to the point where I can derive main address very similar to this test from bitcoinjs lib:

    const pubkeys = [ // b58 encoded xpubs
    ].map(hex => Buffer.from(hex, 'hex'));
    const { address } = bitcoin.payments.p2sh({
      redeem: bitcoin.payments.p2ms({ m: 2, pubkeys }),

    >>> '36NUkt6FWUi3LAWBqWRdDmdTWbt91Yvfu7'

My question is - if I wanted to derive children from a setup like this using CKD, how would I do that? Where do I get my HDNode to start deriving? I want to do address discovery to find all addresses where funds may live.

  • This question is more about the library you are using than Bitcoin or BIP32 itself. Oct 4 at 8:24

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