I've playing with 2 tools:

For the purpose of test I've used these tree BIP39 mnemonic words: client mixed great.

Using a site I've created successfully BIP32 Root Key using above words which matches bx output:

$ echo client mixed great | bx mnemonic-to-seed | bx hd-new

However when I'm trying to create a matching BIP85 Child Key (in Xprv format), it doesn't match:

$ echo client mixed great | bx mnemonic-to-seed | bx hd-new | bx hd-private -i 0

$ echo client mixed great | bx mnemonic-to-seed | bx hd-new | bx hd-private -i 0 -d # a hardened key

as the site reports the following key (in Show BIP85 section, app format: Xprv, index: 0):


What I am missing?

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Are you sure you understand what to look for?

Not many tools have implemented BIP85

Pretty sure Libbitcoin-explorer (bx) is not one of them

Besides the iancoleman app, I only know of Coldcard & AirGap Vault.

See the spec for libraries

Python library implementation: https://github.com/ethankosakovsky/bip85

JavaScript library implementation: https://github.com/hoganri/bip85-js


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