If someone wants to learn bitcoin and blockchain from the cratch please recommend the best resources for a)free and b) paid sources thank you e

  • "Learn me a bitcoin", the bitcoin.it wiki, the chaincodelabs curriculum...
    – Mercedes
    Commented Oct 10, 2021 at 18:20

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best resources for a)free

  1. Bitcoin Stackexchange
  2. Reddit: r/bitcoin, r/BitcoinBeginners/, r/lightningnetwork/
  3. Bitcointalk
  4. GitHub repositories for different Bitcoin projects
  5. IRC channels
  6. Bitcoin dev mailing list: How can I efficiently search the bitcoin-dev mailing list for discussion of a specific term?

Try things, read more about them and ask questions. If starting from scratch first thing you can do is try running and using a Bitcoin full node. Use testnet or regtest for experiments.

You can download Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Knots for full node.

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