Helping to run v0.10.1 node for a client, who wants to enable IPV6. Now listconfigs say:

"bind-addr": ""

"autolisten": true

Reading this: https://lightning.readthedocs.io/lightningd-config.5.html?highlight=bind-dir

It's unclear to me. Is the way to enable IPV6 to put another bind-addr for it and have:

"bind-addr": ""

"bind-addr": "[MYIPV6ADDRESS]:9735"

Or can there only be one bind-addr? The installation is docker on VPS. So, the host has many other inet6 addresses from all that, and seems that should not set

"bind-addr": "::9735"

  • Why do you need to bind two addresses? This type of address is used only internally Oct 20 '21 at 7:26

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