I recently lost funds to a Bitcoin trader CryptoASX based in the UK (London) which turned out to be a fraudulent trader. Just today (Tuesday 19 October 2021) I received a phone call from an organisation calling themselves Blockchain Refund, also based in the UK.

Blockchain refund has is offering to refund my losses plus. To get my refund I need to set up an "Atomic Wallet" and provide them with a screenshot of 17% of the refund amount, before they will release the funds. They will send me the refund.

Does this sound legitimate?


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That is definitely another scam.


People who fall for scams are a hot commodity and their details are being sold to other scammers because they are much more likely to fall for it again.

You should ask yourself why would a random organization call you out of nowhere and offer you free money, how does that make any sense?

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