I tried to make Umbrel run on Ubuntu 20.04 with the bitcoin core beeing preinstalled and synced. I made it run on two harddrives. First one is an SSD where the system runs on and second one is an HDD where I store blockchain data.

Bitcoind is fully synced and in order to speed it up I used symbolic links and put the "chainstate" and "indexes" directories on the SSD.

In my Umbrel-directory I replaced the "blocks", "chainstate" and "indexes" folders by symbolic links again in order keep the default configurations in bitcoin.config of Umbrel.

Umbrel starts without errors but when I try to login it gets stuck in the initial loading screen. So I decided to delete the links in the "~/umbrel/bitcoin/" folder to check if those symbolic links are the problem. After that Umbrel created the folders by itself and everything worked.

So long story short: does anybody have a clue if/why symbolic links do not work? Or is it the configuration with two harddrives? Or is it maybe having two symbolic links in a chain?

Thanks in advance!

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