I recently found an old BTC recovery mnemonic which should be worth a decent amount right now. The issue is, it's 17 words long and when I type it into the blockchain.com legacy mnemonic recover it tells me a specific word is unknown. This is not an issue that I entered the wrong word as it is a well preserved photograph of the mnemonic. Thanks for any help if possible.

  • I would ask the business you gave the money to (blockchain) for the list of allowed words - then look in that list for a similar word to the one it objects to. Perhaps you originally changed one word as a security measure? Bottom line, you gave custody of your money to a custodial business, only they can help you. That's why many prefer keeping money in a non-custodial self-run wallet like bitcoin-core, electrum, bread etc.. Nov 1 '21 at 11:18

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